Dainese Racing 3 Perf. Leather Jacket And Delta 3 Perf. Leather pants review



Dainese Racing 3 Perf. Leather jacket & Delta 3 Perf. Leather trousers

Editor’s Note: 87.25%

Aesthetic 9.0 / 10
protection 8.5 / 10
Value 8.0 / 10
Comfort / Fit 9.0 / 10
Quality / Design 9.0 / 10
Weight 8.75 / 10
Options / Selection 9.0 / 10
Innovation 8.0 / 10
Meteorological suitability 9.25 / 10
Desirable / cold factor 8.75 / 10
Overall score 87.25 / 100

Updated May 2021

While the riding season may hint that it is coming to an end in parts of the country, in SoCal the highs are still in the upper 80s and lower 90s. Perforations are necessary when looking for leather clothing in the South West. My requirements are simple: leather construction, perforations and two pieces that close together. Since my middle aged body (and my weight) seems to be constantly changing, I decided to head to the D-Store in Santa Monica to fully enjoy the Dainese customer experience while being sized for my gear. . If you have a D-Store near you, I highly recommend going there for a try-on. The staff know their stuff.

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With Dainese, you should be aware of the company’s distinction between two-piece leathers and a jacket / pant combination. With two-piece leathers, the two pieces are only meant to be worn together. The top will be cut too short to be worn alone. If you like me to have the option of wearing the jacket separately with riding jeans, you will need to get the jacket and pants separately. Just a head held high.

Dainese Racing 3

Here is my typical use of the Dainese Racing 3 Perf. Leather jacket – with riding jeans. The ventilation makes it an ideal runabout jacket for hot to hot weather.

I opted for the Dainese Racing 3 Perf. Leather jacket and Delta 3 Perf. Leather pants in Euro size 56 (gasping!). Note that you will need to purchase a compatible back protector for around $ 80 to $ 90. I already had one in another jacket. So I just put it in the zipped pocket.

Dainese Racing 3 Delta 3

While I don’t usually wear knee washers on the street, it’s nice to have this option when it’s time for a track day.

The Racing 3 jacket has been in Dainese’s catalog for some time – and for good reason. The exterior is constructed of durable Tutu leather and, even before it’s first worn, is soft enough to feel like an old favorite. Add to that the most complete perforation I have seen in any jacket. Where the torso and part of the arms usually receive the perforations allowing air flow, the Racer 3 Perf. has the vast majority of its forward facing surface ventilated (even on most sleeves), and, boy, does it circulate air! On cooler mornings, I got cold from the breeze. The Delta 3 pants are also perforated. Very pleasant.

Dainese Racing 3

They are not very large, but the large number of perforations means that the Racing 3 and Delta 3 circulate air on hot days. S1 fabric stretches for a comfortable fit.

Helping the slim fit (well, as thin as it gets on my dad’s body), S1 stretch fabric covers the inside of the arms and torso on the jacket and the back and inside of the legs on the pants. Accordion stretch panels above the knees facilitate mobility. The ribs on either side of the back of the jacket look like touches of style, but they are also accordion panels. The jacket and pants allow a lot of movement, whether in an upright riding position on a naked bike or a runner on more sporty machines. Jacket and pants close together with an internal jacket panel that wraps around three quarters of the torso for a secure fit. The armor in all corners of your body is CE level 2 and should protect your joints in the event of a fall. The shoulder armor is removable, allowing you to adjust its placement slightly.

Dainese Racing 3

The pretty touches, like the quilted collar, are not lacking.

My only real complaint about the jacket is that the inside chest pocket isn’t really a cargo pocket. Instead, it’s paired with an exact copy of it on the other side of the front zipper to contain optional chest protectors. While additional armored protection is always a good thing, a place to easily carry a phone in the chest would be much appreciated. With the size of today’s generation smartphones, placing them in a hand warmer pocket seems inconvenient to me.

Dainese Delta 3

Do you have big calves? The Delta 3 pants have extension panels to keep you comfortable. The extension panel also allows you to wear your pants on the outside of your boots.

The Dainese Racing 3 Perf. Leather Jacket And Delta 3 Perf. Leather pants are also available in a non-perforated version if you live in a place that is not that hot all the time. There’s even one with built-in D-Air for advanced protection. The Dainese Racing 3 Perf. The leather jacket has sizes ranging from 44 to 64 euros and the Delta 3 Perf. Leather pants are available in similar sizes. The color options for the jacket and pants are black, black / fluorescent red, and white / black / fluorescent red. The MSRP for the jacket is $ 580 and $ 329- $ 470 for the pants. These kit parts don’t come cheap, but their build quality and protection should last for many driving seasons. I recommend them.

Dainese Racing 3

Buy the Dainese Racing 3 Perf. Leather jacket here

Dainese Delta 3

Buy the Dainese Delta 3 Perf. Leather pants here

Are Dainese jackets good?

Dainese is a well-known motorcycle equipment manufacturer with a reputation for producing high quality safety equipment. This reputation is the result of decades of developing their jackets, pants and full suits based on data gathered from participating in most of the major racing organizations around the world. If the best bikers in the world who are exposed to the highest potential motorcycle risks trust Dainese, so should the bikers. Read our reviews below for our overwhelmingly positive opinions on the protective capabilities and quality of the fit / finish of various Dainese garments.

How do I know which model of Dainese jacket I have?

Look inside the jacket for a stitched tag either under the Dainese tag on the back of the neck or on one of the side seams of the liner. Take a good look, sometimes the tags are hidden in a small pocket next to the size tag. Typically, these labels will carry the name of the jacket, the list of materials used in the garment, and care instructions.

Where are Dainese jackets made?

The label inside Racing 3 Perf says Tunisia

How do I know if my Dainese jacket is original?

To authenticate the product, enter the code which you can find under the hologram on the swing tag or on the box label. For security reasons, the code in the sewn labels is not activated.

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