How to choose a leather jacket that you will keep forever


Investing isn’t just for Wall Street. The idea of ​​saving for a new pair of shoes, a bag or a well-designed and durable coat is both timeless and important. The importance of the investment is that when you buy items that are well made and have a long shelf life, you are buying fewer items, that’s it. You’ve heard it before: the key to a truly sustainable wardrobe is buying less. If you’re just starting this journey, start with the basics, like how to buy a leather jacket that ticks all the boxes of a worthy investment.

There are several things to keep in mind when choosing a leather jacket. First of all, the silhouette. The shape of your leather jacket is probably the most important factor (we’ll get to that in a moment). Beyond that, considerations ranging from material and texture to color scheme and embellishments all come into play. Finding the combination that matches your personal style is essential. Going forward, the designers are sharing their expert advice on everything you need to know to find the right leather jacket for your personal style as well as plenty of shopping options to make sure that if you’re ready to go. ‘investment, you just have a simple “Add to basket.”

Buying leather jackets: narrow down the details

By The Namesake is a Toronto-based brand of custom leather jackets founded by designer Rosa Halpern. She takes a six step approach when creating the perfect piece for her clients which consists of: base style (aka silhouette), material (including different colors and textures), material (zippers, snaps , buckles and eyelets in different metal options), lining, additions (like optional studs, fur accents and fringes) and an overall fit.

Of course, a fully personalized leather jacket isn’t available for everyone, but Halpern knows that. “If you prefer [just] two measurements, the most important are shoulder width and sleeve length, ”she told TZR. “An improper sleeve length is the telltale sign of an ill-fitting jacket!

Shopping for leather jackets: plan an intense outfit

Halpern also points out that finding a jacket that will look perfect for a long time can just come down to texture. “If you are looking for a jacket that will look perfect for years to come, even with heavy use, go for a grained leather that will act as a natural camouflage for the scratches and scuffs of life,” she shares. For designer Billy Reid, a malleable leather texture is the best route. “Finding skin that has the right amount of broken character helps soften wear and tear and generally sculpts easily on the body,” he told TZR. “Stiff, stiff leather has a harder time relaxing.”

One of Halpern’s main requests for leather jackets is rain damage, creases and scratches. His answer ? “Don’t be afraid to wear your leather jacket! We truly believe that the beauty of a good leather jacket is that it only gets better with time and wear and tear,” she says. “As the jacket is worn, stretched to fit and marked with adventure, it only gets fresher. Trust us, your jacket was designed to be worn.”

Buying leather jackets: think vintage or recycled

Felix von Bahder, the co-founder and creative director of Deadwood knows a thing or two about recycled leather. The brand, entirely dedicated to sustainable leather pieces, is based in Stockholm and is quickly establishing itself as a leader in the field of leather jackets with retailers like Selfridges, Net-a-Porter and Galeries Lafayette.

“The thing with recycled and / or upcycled leather jackets, like ours, is that it involves a lot of what I call patch match. It’s like a puzzle, ”he told TZR. “To make a jacket out of scraps you usually have to use more leather panels. Von Bahder explains that over time this quilting pattern can start to appear. “To me it’s a beautiful thing, the material comes to life in a way, each panel reflecting light slightly differently than the next,” he adds.

Buying leather jackets: choose comfort over trends

His process for choosing the right leather jacket prioritizes balance. “Do the width of the zippers match the particular style? Do the dimensions of the shoulder pads match the perceived weight of the jacket? This is all very subjective, of course, as are all notions of beauty,” says von Bahder. He also thinks it’s important to match the jacket with your personality.

“It’s a much bigger question than the style, the zippers and the buttons. do i feel comfortable in this jacket? Do i feel confident? And it’s not just the look, it’s also the values, ” he says. “I really care about what we humans are doing to the world, and that concern should carry weight in my decision to wear. vintage, I really think you should at least consider buying something that’s mostly made from recycled or upcycled material. ”

Below, buy a few styles of current jackets that you will want to keep for years to come.

We only include products that have been independently selected by The Zoe Report editorial team. However, we may receive a portion of the sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.

Leather motorcycle jacket

The leather motorcycle should give you “bad self-confidence,” says Reid. This classic style is an easy choice if you are aiming for versatility and longevity.

Leather bomber jacket

A bomber jacket silhouette looks stunning when crafted from leather and adds a touch of retro nostalgia.

Leather blazer

Swap out your classic black blazer for a leather iteration that gives an extra dose of polish.

Leather jacket with shirt collar

“A straight jacket with a shirt collar is a great alternative for that androgynous Bowie look,” says von Bahder. “Maybe inspired by old denim jackets from the 60s”

Leather trench coat

While not the first outerwear that comes to mind when considering a leather jacket, the trench coat is unique and stylish. “Here, I have the impression that when it comes to leather, there is a fair balance between too long – everything is Matrix, and too short – all that meh“, notes von Bahder.


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