How to Save on Exercise

Nowadays there are already several low-cost gyms that have very low prices or have a specific plan for those who can not spend much. Find below some of the best-known low-cost gyms and their prices.

If you prefer to work out at home

If you prefer to work out at home

If you prefer to have more flexible hours and exercise in the comfort of your home, you do not have to sacrifice the quality of exercise. There are at least three ways to exercise from home:

  1. Training plans on Youtube
  2. Make your mini gym for less than € 100
  3. Exercise games for your console

Fitness videos on Youtube

Fitness videos on Youtube

Youtube is packed with good videos with exercise plans that you can perfectly do at home. Here are some examples, but the possibilities are endless!

Willow’s tips

The Willow Tips are a Portuguese channel on YouTube full of variety exercises, different intensities and directed to various types of audience. In addition to the exercise videos, here you will also find suggestions and tips on food and nutrition with a humorous tone as a bonus. In addition to the YouTube channel, the Willow’s Facebook page offers a lot of information weekly.
The series of exercises below, which you can practice both at home and in the gym, is a good example of the videos you can find on this free channel:

Whatever your preference in terms of modalities, you will be able to find exercise plans tailored to youtube. Try to search for your favorite modality on Youtube, and you will not be disillusioned. Here are some examples of exercise plans you can find:


1. Cadio Workout
2. Pilates Routine Workout
3. Balancing Ball Exercises
4. Step Workout
5. Yoga

Build a mini gym at home for less than € 70

Build a mini gym at home for less than & euro;  70

Even with very little space, it is easy to build your own personal gym in the house for less than € 70.


Total = € 66.33

  1. Dumbbell 10 kg.
  2. Drawbar
  3. Fitness ball
  4. Fitness mat
  5. Jump rope

If you prefer to practice outdoor sports

If you prefer to practice outdoor sports

If you do not dispense with pure air and prefer to be in touch with the outdoors when you exercise, you can use the dozens of areas that are suitable for outdoor exercise, such as running and cycling areas or football and tennis courts.


  • Top 10 places to run in Lisbon and Porto
  • Bicycle paths in Portugal

At this time of year it is common to organize free sports events, for example in Porto with the summer program The Downtown in Form (see the full program here).

Some gyms, such as VivaFit, often organize free sports events open to all who wish to participate, even for non-members.


You do not need to sacrifice a significant portion of your budget to feel good and stay in shape; can do so without spending money or can alternatively opt for a lowcost gym.

The trick is to choose the option that most identifies with you and your lifestyle, and fill yourself with motivation!