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At the end of his “The Big Stepper’s” concert in Paris in honor of the 10th anniversary of “good kid, mAd city,” rap megastar Kendrick Lamar posed for a colorful outfit photo, posting the snapshot to his Instagram today. Lamar, who shouted the album triple platinum in his caption, wore a vibrant vest and lace-up shoes.

Posed on the pavement, the Californian wore a crisp white button-up shirt that he hadn’t tucked in and a delicate green and white crocheted mini-vest over the top. Down below, the lyricist sported baggy parachute pants with a wide, oversized hem that nearly dwarfed his shoes.

As for the shoes, Lamar made his way through the streets of Paris in what appeared to be black trainers with a classic gum outsole. The style faces a stark juxtaposition thanks to their bright white laces. A certified shoe enthusiast, it’s no wonder Lamar has some of the coolest styles imaginable.

Lamar is the master of surprise when it comes to style. For his unexpected Coachella appearance in April, the rapper brought the proverbial fire with his performance leads. The Nike collaborator donned a country-inspired look, wearing black jeans and a matching jacket over a black t-shirt. Lamar, who was styled by Taylor McNeill, also wore a black and white bandana tied around his neck with a matching bucket hat. But there’s no denying that the main feature of the 34-year-old rapper’s look was his custom boots.

The leather boots were made in just four days by Rocketbuster, a custom boot maker in El Paso, Texas. In an Instagram post celebrating the impressive feat, Rocketbuster founder Nevena Christi wrote about the shoes’ whirlwind creation process, which left no time to waste.

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