Leather Shoe Care Tips | How to take good care of your leather shoes



How to properly maintain your leather shoes | Photo credit: Instagram

Seeing your most expensive leather shoes wear out over time is the most disheartening feeling. If you’re not doing what it takes to minimize wear and tear on your shoes, you may have to throw your favorite pairs in the trash. But, if you put in the extra effort and follow a proper maintenance routine, you can make your shoes look new like never before.

With the right set of tips and tricks, you can make sure your leather shoes stay in good condition and when you decide to wear them, they turn heads! To give you the best care tips for your leather sandals, shoes and boots, we spoke to Manisha Malik, Master Franchisee and India Head, Pazzion. Here is what she said!

Leather shoe care tips

Follow a proper cleaning routine

Manisha Malik suggests that you maintain good cleaning habits and always clean dirt from shoes and also follow a weekly or bi-weekly cleaning routine. Always keep a shoe cleaning kit on hand. Use a shoe cleaning brush and shoe polish to clean your shoes and restore their shine. If you don’t have the kit, you can use a toothbrush for gentle cleaning. To maintain the quality of your leather shoes, you should clean them after every ride.

Store them properly

Use shoe bags to store your shoes and keep them free from dirt. To maintain their pristine condition, keep them away from direct contact with damaging elements and sunlight. Make sure you store them in good conditions.

Leather bags and shoes should be stored in well ventilated rooms. You should keep them away from direct sunlight or heat. If you are happy to invest a little in your shoe collection, we suggest purchasing a shoe tree as it can help you maintain the shape of your shoes and reduce wrinkles.

Use a leather conditioner

Use leather conditioner on your shoes to prevent them from drying out and cracking. This life-saving shoe care hack is especially useful for people who live in hot climates. Use a waterproofing spray after the conditioning process.

Keep a good cobbler on the speed dial

If you think your shoes are in desperate need of repair and maintenance, call your favorite shoemaker and hand over all your pretty pairs. You can also ask them to clean your shoes and polish them.

Leather shoe cleaning routine

  • Before starting the cleaning process, be sure to clean all dust from the shoes with a soft brush and remove its laces.
  • For shoes that have a finish, use a mild soap and a damp cloth to clean the surface of the shoe. And, for leather shoes that aren’t finished, use a bar of saddle soap. Lather and gently rub your shoes. After wiping off the excess, let your shoes dry naturally. If your shoes are stained with water or salt, use a mixture of water and white vinegar to clean the stains.
  • If you feel that some stains are still visible, use toothpaste on the spot to get rid of the stains
  • Use a leather conditioner after the cleaning process
  • You can then use shoe polish to make your shoes shine
  • Once the cleaning is done, store your shoes in a box or bag and place them in your closet



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