Three societies screen and a ‘pitufeo’ that lasted 17 years: thus whitened Count the money looted


Mario Conde 

It’s just a coincidence, but one of the companies that Mario Conde allegedly used to repatriate and launder money from abroad is a company that manufactures and markets cosmetic and cleaning products. “It does not stop being curious that it is dedicated to the maquillaje”, they assure with certain sarcasm sources of the investigation to 20minutos.

The name of the company is ‘Hogar y Cosmética Española, SA’, it has its headquarters in the Madrid town of Torrejón de Ardoz and is chaired by the ex-banker himself, arrested on Monday by the Civil Guard and accused of money laundering, criminal organization , frustration of the execution – of sentences such as the ‘Banesto case’ – and crime against the Public Treasury.

And in the background of the accusation, there is the scandal of the cases Argentia Trust and Banesto. Never did all the money appear that the Justice considered that Conde pocketed unduly. Of the 26 million euros that amounted to misappropriation in Banesto, only 11 million were returned. “The rest do not know where it is going to stop,” says a source in the case.


Companies in Switzerland, Luxembourg and the United Kingdom

Companies in Switzerland, Luxembourg and the United Kingdom

The first inquiries suggest that Conde took from Banesto – before his intervention by the Bank of Spain in 1993 – around 900 million pesetas (5.4 million euros). ” That amount has been generating greater value and many capital gains over the years,” they tell this source of research. The Anticorruption Prosecutor accuses Mario Conde of taking 5.4 million euros abroad and bringing him

The system was not too complicated. According to 20min research sources, the money laundering was based on companies based in three countries: Switzerland, Luxembourg and the United Kingdom. From there, he moved to Spain to three companies that Conde would have created to launder that money. The amounts that these companies received were categorized as loans, capital increases or cash receipts.

Brant, one of the three companies that received the funds

Brant, one of the three companies that received the funds

It was bleached in small quantities, so as not to raise suspicion. One of these companies is Barnacla SL, an event manager created by the sons of Conde and managed by Mª Cristina Fernández, one of the eight people arrested on Monday. With the money deposited in Barnacla, other companies were created. And among them, the aforementioned ‘Hogar y Cosmética Española, SA’, in which Alejandra Conde, the ex-bankers daughter, appears as the CEO.

In addition, the money was brought to Spain little by little, as if it were a ‘smurf’ of repatriated funds. ” It was bleached in small amounts, so as not to raise suspicions,” the aforementioned sources explain to this newspaper. But it has not been that way. The Money Laundering Prevention Service (Sepblanc) sent the Prosecutor’s Office at the end of 2014 the movements they had detected.

The Prosecutor’s Office, after an investigation carried out with the UCO and the Treasury, decided to file a complaint in the National Court on March 29. According to Anticorruption, there are “indications that a very considerable part of the funds disappeared and not recovered has been laundered, in an amount exceeding 13 million .” That is, the money laundering process would have lasted 17 years.

The plot that will return tonight with the bones of Count in prison, after the exbanquero left her for the last time in 2008 after getting conditional freedom in his sentence to 20 years for misappropriation, fraud, and falsehood in the Banesto case.